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COVID-19 Update

Important Update from Crossgates and Rothwell Chiropractic Clinics

Good news! – Our clinics are now gradually opening for face-to-face appointments for acute/essential care. We have implemented a range of measures to help keep you, our staff and our practitioners safe. We thought you might like to know what we are doing:


  • A COVID 19 risk questionnaire will be sent to each patient before each appointment to determine their vulnerability and risk of transmission to others.
  • This questionnaire will be followed up by a free telephone consultation to discuss the findings of the questionnaire.
  • Our staff and practitioners will also be required to complete a COVID 19 symptom assessment before each clinical session.
  • Only patients deemed to be low risk and requiring urgent care will be offered an ‘in-clinic’ appointment.
  • Those patients who are deemed to high risk will instead be offered our Telehealth service and their symptoms monitored for improvement using this method.

In Clinic procedures:

Staff and Practitioners

  • All staff and practitioners will be supplied with and wear the required PPE.
  • All staff and practitioners will be advised and trained in our strict clinical hygiene procedures – these include, but not limited to:
    • Sterilising all surfaces and equipment that both patient and practitioner come into contact with between every appointment.
    • Additional time between appointments to sanitise and to minimise cross infection between patients
    • Proper disposal of PPE waste between appointments.
    • Personal hygiene protocols such as hand washing and sterilisation of clinic ware.

In clinic protocols

  • Appropriate signage of how to minimise risk of cross infection whilst in the clinic building/ treatment rooms
  • Signage on how to obey social distancing whilst in the clinic.
  • Screening of each individual who enters the clinic with an infrared thermometer
  • Disinfection of all surfaces between each patient.
  • Payments – Whilst patients will be requested to do online payments before their consultation, we will still be accepting cards and cash at reception. The card machine will be disinfected after use and where possible contactless payment will be taken.

Patient visit protocols

  • Patients will be advised of their responsibilities before arrival through sms/text messaging and/or email and at their pre-screening appointment.
  • the following procedures have been put into place:
    • If patients have access to a sterilised face mask, it would be preferable for these to be worn.
    • Patients will be requested to wait in their car, and called to the reception when suitable. If waiting in a car is not possible, patients will have the option to wait in the reception area at designated seating which will be arranged to allow for 3 meters between where patients will be sitting. Ideally patients should have no contact with other patients.
    • Maximum of 2 people in the waiting room
    • Hand sanitiser will be available and all patients will be required to sanitise their hands when entering the chiropractic clinic.
    • Enter the clinic through the front door (Crossgates)
    • Exit through the rear door (Crossgates)
    • Please book and pay online if possible or pay with contactless payment at the clinic. For patients paying with cash we would kindly ask that you have the correct amount to minimise the need for cash/ change exchange.
    • Patient are requested to dress appropriately to allow easy access to the body areas that will be treated.
    • Appropriate signage will placed at the outside entrance and inside of our Clinic, this signage will warn patients of hygiene and screening procedures.
    • There will be a 15min spacing between appointments which allow our chiropractor to disinfectant surfaces between patients.
    • Patient are requested to minimise surface touching in the clinic where possible please.
    • Please notify the chiropractor or receptionist if you use the toilet in order for us to disinfect all surfaces.
    • Rooms will remain open with adequate air flow to assist in removal of potential airborne droplets.
    • Patients should only be accompanied if minors, or require assistance and other family members or friends should be requested to stay in the car.


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