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Chiropractor Leeds, William WongMeet Chiropractor William Wong

William graduated with a master’s degree in chiropractic after four years of full-time study from the University of South Wales in 2016. He has been working in full-time practice since then and spends many hours a week researching the latest trends in treatment and injury prevention. He believes that observing, researching and continual learning are essential to remain at the forefront of best practice.

Witnessing the Power of Chiropractic

The first exposure William had to Chiropractic was in high school when his mother suffered an episode of debilitating lower back pain. She was bedridden for about three weeks and was prescribed strong pain medication, which unfortunately didn’t ease her discomfort. In a turn of good fortune, she was recommended to try treatment by a local Chiropractor. William observed that after a few sessions, she started to improve and was soon able to get out of bed again with ease!

Helping to Improve the Lives of Patients

William’s care aims to improve people’s lives by reducing their discomfort in the first instance. He also believes that an essential part of his job is to attempt to reduce recurrence of the injury. He strives to achieve this through educating people on the importance of physical activity, which includes improving flexibility and strength of the injured area at our Crossgates Chiropractic Clinic.

He also observes all the benefits of good posture and helps his patient to modify their own posture, helping to minimise stress on the joints and muscles of the spine.

William would be delighted to meet you and assist you as best he can to help you enjoy a more comfortable life. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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