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Meet Amelia Laxton

Amelia LaxtonAmelia first encountered chiropractic whilst receiving treatment for long-standing neck pain and headaches which she had suffered with since the age of 15! From that point onwards, Chiropractic has always fascinated her and she decided to embark upon her studies to become a qualified Doctor of Chiropractic. She graduated from the AECC University College with a First Class Masters of Chiropractic degree (MChiro) and works across 2 clinics in Yorkshire.

Headache Sufferers

Amelia has a keen interest in the treatment and management of patients suffering from chronic headaches that originate from the neck. Her research project whilst training was indeed on the effects of chiropractic treatment on headaches arising from this area.

Patients of All Ages and New Mums

She has treated patients from a broad age range, from the very young to the very old, and finds this variety is the part of the job she loves the most. Whilst training she helped to run a new-born feeding clinic and this experience allowed her to develop her knowledge on the effects on the musculoskeletal system whilst breastfeeding. She has a keen interest in helping both pregnant women and new mums suffering with spine, joint and muscle discomfort and hopes to spend more time treating mothers and children in the future.

Outside of the Office

In her spare time, she is a very keen runner and enjoys the challenge of an event and is currently training to run the prestigious London Marathon in April 2020. She realises the importance of movement and rehabilitation in order to keep the body healthy and this is always something she aims to encourage her patients to do, too.

Ready to Get Started?

If you would like to book in with Amelia, please contact Iveridge Hall reception team on 0113 260 0794 to schedule your initial examination.

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